Episode Recap: "Finale"

No other show on TV has as a rewarding finale as The Biggest Loser, and this season did not disappoint. Who did America choose to join Helen and Tara in the final three? Not just yet people, this is a three-hour show!

We take our first look back at this season's journey that began with 22 contestants hoping to change their lives. At first there was struggle, but once the cheesy music started playing we got to see how far they've come. After 179 days, it's now down to Helen, our 48-year-old mom, Tara, our former model, and father-and-son team Ron and Mike, who at 18 was the youngest to ever step foot on the ranch.

So let's see our Brown team: Mike pops out first and I literally shouted an expletive at my television. That boy looks gooood. Did his father do as well? Not too shabby for a man that has tried every diet and weight-loss method out there. And America chose...Mike. Yay! He certainly deserves it.

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