Damages: "Your Secrets Are Safe" Review Season 3, Episode 1

Damages is back, and for those of you who might have felt overwhelmed with the time shift gimmickry of Season 2, things have smoothed out and slowed down in Season 3. Gone is the trauma and torment that led into Season 2. But that doesn't mean that the "jump ahead" time-shifting is gone; it just now seems to be back to one single future story. For now. I can't see what's to come, but I feel like the revelation at the end of the Season 3 premiere, "Your Secrets Are Safe," is so jarring and great that we're going to follow this single story thread alone. As you remember, back in Season 2, we got hit with a whirlwind of future shifts. Ellen had one. William Hurt's Daniel Purcell had one. Timothy Olyphant's Wes even got one. And then they went and did some flashbacks too. It all tied together in the end, but it was definitely an exponential leap from Season 1.

As this season opens, we find Ellen (Rose Byrne) working in the DA's office, having not spoken to Patty (Glenn Close) for almost a year. The DA's office might seem like a cramped, shared-office step down for Ellen, but it seems as though she might have some residual guilt lingering about and she's looking for a job that allows her to dispense some actual, street-level justice. Ellen is noticeably brighter and happier. Patty doesn't affect her anymore - or so she claims.

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