Recap: "New Boss"

In "New Boss" Michael and Jim have major trouble with the new boss, which leads to a shocking twist ending.


The opening was a great showdown between the uncouth, disheveled Dwight and the super classy Jim, as they discuss the celebration of Michael's 15th year at Dundler Mifflin. Proving that presentation matters, Dwight proposes to Michael "an ice sculpture shaped like you covered in chocolate covered strawberries." That is not classy. In fact, it's kind of disgusting. Jim's counterproposal to Michael (off the top of his head): "an ice sculpture of you completely surrounded by a variety of chocolate-covered fruits." Said suavely by the man with the slick-backed hair and tuxedo, this ice sculpture would provide refined taste and class to the festivities. Score another one for Jim as Dwight storms off and the opening credits roll.

Charles in Charge

Charles Miner, the new VP for the Northeast Region pays the Scranton branch a visit, and there are immediate ramifications. Jim's suddenly déclassé as he scrambles to explain why he's wearing a tuxedo in the workplace to the new head honcho. Miner announces significant cutbacks in benefits to the Dunder Mifflin staff - no more 401K matching, no more overtime, and a freeze on discretionary spending, including parties. To add insult to injury, as Michael tries to steer Charles back to corporate, the new VP insists that he's going to stay at the branch the entire day - which means that Michael's party is in serious jeopardy, and we can forget about the ice sculpture and the chocolates.

The Dissolution of the PPC

Michael tries to assert his authority by reconvening the PPC, but when Charles finds out what Dwight, Jim, Pam and Michael are up to, he storms in, calls the meeting off and dissolves the party planning committee. And that's when it hits the fan. Michael seems appalled that Charles doesn't have a paper background (he's coming from steel). And in their final confrontation, Michael threatens to ruin Charles by telling David everything.

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