Tooth Fairy - Review

The Tooth Fairy stars Dwayne Johnson as minor professional league hockey player Derek Thompson, nicknamed "The Tooth Fairy" for his brutal on-ice antics that more often than not result in -- you guessed it -- rival players losing their teeth. But Derek, who is considered long past his prime by the rising young star on his team, is also bitter about his NHL career not working out and he takes every opportunity to give aspiring youngsters a reality check about their own big dreams.

After Derek tells his girlfriend Carly's (Ashley Judd) daughter that there's no such thing as the tooth fairy, he gets in trouble not only with his girlfriend but also with none other than the Fairy Godmother herself (Julie Andrews). Sentenced to serve as a tooth fairy in order to make amends for his dream-killing ways, Derek will occasionally sprout a pair of wings and must then rush off to perform his tooth fairy duties. Along the way, he might just get a chance to redeem himself -- and take another shot (literally) at his own dreams. Awwwwww.

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