How to Make It in America Review: "Crisp" Episode 2

Last night kicked off the second episode of How to Make It in America. So far we are still interested in what this show has to offer.

In "Crisp", we see that these two guys are making baby steps into the designer jean world.

We like the writers ability to show that stepping into this world wouldn't be a piece of cake. This brought in a sense of realism to the show that we like. We want to see our main characters struggle and have a hard time making their dreams come true. This is one element that Entourage is missing.

Last week we got some entertaining responses about our undying love for Ben. This week we will try to leave it out. But, really, how can you not find this guy attractive?

It would be interesting to see the line of jeans, Crisp, actually make it out in real life - kind of like the TrueBlood drink.

Speaking of, have any of you ever tried it? If so, did you like it? We've only heard that it is disgustingly super sweet.

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