Recap The Young and the Restless: Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kevin learns Jana’s phone is disconnected. Kevin and Chloe learn from the club’s manager that Ryder and Jana left together without paying their bill. Later, the manager shows Kevin and Chloe pictures of Jana and Ryder leaving their room with suitcases and kissing. Kevin realizes that if the pol ice don’t find them he will lose everything.

Nina, Paul and Christine remember the child that was stolen from Nina. Paul offers to help Nina find him. Chance informs Heather he is going to keep an eye on her, only as a friend. At the coffeehouse, Chance rebuffs Chloe’s romantic advances once again and she asks what is going on with him. Later, Christine calls Ronan at the coffeehouse and says that Nina and Paul are looking for him. Moments later, officers arrive to arrest Chance for drug possession.

The Newmans are stunned by Abby’s naked entrance on her horse and Daniel films the entire thing. Victor tries to straighten things out with the police and keep Abby out of the media. Victor takes Daniel’s camera and smashes it. Later, Abby is arrested when she refuses to listen to Victor. Abby is a deer in the headlights for her mug shot after she learns she won’t be arraigned until Monday.

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