'Bones' recap: Booth gets serious, Hodgins gets ripped!

I know we all like Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) because he's charming and goofy, but, honestly, he's never sexier to me than when he's talking seriously about what it means to be a man. Last night's episode was very interesting both in terms of the case at hand -- an alleged teen pregnancy pact that resulted with a dead girl in a winter salt truck -- and for how it could factor into two upcoming storylines that Michael Ausiello's already SPOILED (Brennan asks Booth to father her child, Booth has a major illness)...

I'm beginning to wonder if bad jokes are a symptom of whatever medical crisis Booth experiences later this season. Did he really say that he was getting a potato chip craving when they found that girl in the mound of salt? Ewww. Said girl was quickly ID'd as a missing high school volleyball player, and the hormones in her blood revealed that she was pregnant. Her mother (Caroline in the City's Amy Pietz, who just guest-starred on TNT's Trust Me -- good for her), refused to believe that her good little girl was sexually active, but dad had seen a pregnancy test and guessed as much. The writers toyed briefly with the usual suspects: The ex-boyfriend (only he's a good Christian); the pregnant ex-best friend, played by Monique Coleman, who also dated the ex-boyfriend (only they would've made up); the father (no incest here); the strict mother (she didn't know the girl was pregnant, she just knew that she'd tried to forge a $5,000 check from her); and the volleyball coach (he reported the girl's attempt to extort $5,000 from him). I thought maybe it would've been the volleyball team's alpha female, a girl who'd been the class valedictorian and student body president until she got pregnant -- but no, she just allowed half her teammates to think it was a great idea for them to get pregnant, too, so they could buy a house together (in this market? good luck!) and raise their babies together.

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