'Hell's Kitchen' Season 8: Scallops, Salads and Sabrina

In the second episode of the night, Gordon Ramsay stopped a few hearts by saying he needed to set something right. He called out Melissa, but not to send her home -- just to send her to the men's team. Time to mix up chefs, but did it help or hurt?

With Melissa migrating to the men's team, it was Trev who was called over to join the gals and he was so not happy about that. But then, it's not like he was leaving a stellar team behind. The quick challenge of the night was to create an entree salad good enough to be featured in Bon Appetit magazine.

Once again, these so-called trained chefs, presented miserable excuses instead of fine dining. Nona handed in a plate with two whole quails plopped on a bed of wilted greens. Road kill, indeed. Jillian made a fruit salad, which was an insult, and judge Sarah Tenaglia said Sabrina's pork salad dish tasted like a hot dog? Both teams got only two points each and Sarah broke the tie by choosing Rob's scallop salad as the best of the lot. Win to the blue team!

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