Recap As The World Turns: Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jack is suspicious of Blackthorn’s effort to impress Janet with a huge tip. However, Janet takes Jack to task for judging Blackthorn harshly. Dusty reveals that Blackthorn is working with Craig. Later, Jack and Dusty agree to work together to look into the Blackthorn situation for the sake of Janet’s protection. Dusty stuns Craig by revealing he knows that Craig’s buy-in money for Worldwide came from Blackthorn.

Lucinda wants Dusty to leave the Craig and Blackthorn issue alone. She makes a mysterious call asking someone to return to town that day. Craig twists the knife with Lucinda, having bought into Worldwide despite what he assumes was her opposition. Craig informs Lucinda it’s time for Lily to feel fulfilled in every way. Later, Sierra wonders about Lucinda’s motives for asking Lucy to come back to town. Lucinda insists she only wants to help Craig.

Craig informs Carly he’s bought into Worldwide. Craig stirs the pot by mentioning his closeness with Lily. Later, Carly asks Lily why she found out from Craig that they were in New York together. Lily spins the New York encounter with Craig as pure coincidence.

Lily confesses to Holden, that Faith wearing her bridesmaid’s dress made Lily realize Holden’s marriage to Molly is real. Molly and Holden meet with the minister for a pre-wedding interview. The minister asks if Holden still loves Lily. Holden and Molly touch on their past relationships, but affirm they bring out the best in each other.

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