Cold Case: Season 7, Episode 05: Wasp - Recap

The wreckage of a World War II era aircraft is found outside of Philadelphia along with the remains of a female pilot who had been reported missing in the 1940s. The pilot, Vivian Lynn, had been part of the WASP program that taught female pilots how to run non-combat military flights in order to free up male pilots for active duty. It had long been suspected that high winds had caused her to crash while out on a mission, but when the wreck is examined the cold case team discovers someone had tampered with the plane's engine, and had intentionally caused the crash. They investigate Vivian's history with the WASP program and find that she was their top pilot, but also that she was very head strong and not very gracious with her fellow WASPs. Ultimately, the team discovers that her own Commanding Officer had sabotaged her plane after Vivian threatened to blow the whistle on the male pilots and mechanics that were interfering with the WASP program. The Commanding Officer had been afraid that if the military's top brass had discovered the problems, they would have shut down the program for good, so she caused Vivian to crash for what she thought was the greater good.

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