Two and a Half Men Episode Recap: "Tinkle Like a Princess" Season 7, Episode 16

On this week's Two and a Half Men, Charlie deals with his breakup from Chelsea in the typical fashion - by peeing in a fichus and marrying a bimbo.

At first, Charlie and Chelsea seem to be handling their parting in a mature and restrained manner. No tears or groveling. But then Charlie sinks into a great depression, staying in his bedroom for days (and avoiding the bathroom because it reminds him of Chelsea and how she would tinkle like a princess in there - hence, the fichus), breaking down when talking to Judith about the split, and finally heading to church. It's there that Charlie asks God to help him through in any way He can. Enter Betsy.

Betsy appears to be everything Chelsea isn't. She's not controlling or serious. She doesn't seem to have a care in the world or a brain in her head for that matter. And she's also Charlie's new wife, having married her on a 3-day drunken binge in Vegas. Charlie swears that they are soul mates and that fate brought them together. Truth be told, it was more likely alcohol and horniness. Alan tries to talk some sense into Charlie, but it only clicks with him when he hears Betsy explain to Jake the similarities between women and antique cars (lots of maintenance and once a month you have to put down an oil pan). Perhaps the visual is just too much for poor Charlie.

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