Life Unexpected Episode Recap: "Crisis Unaverted" Episode 7

In this week's episode of Life Unexpected, Lux desperately tries to keep Tasha from having to move away with a foster family. Meanwhile, Cate attempts to keep Baze and Ryan apart so her future hubby won't learn their secret, but this leads to complete disaster...

The episode kicks off with Lux reeling from her breakup with Bug, while Cate and Ryan discuss that very topic on their radio show. Cate later joins Lux for a gallon of ice cream to help ease the pain. "He drove himself away," Cate says trying to comfort her. Lux admits that despite being dumped, her life has been pretty great lately, thanks to her new mommy. "Whatever you need, I'm here," Cate adds.

Elsewhere, Baze pops over to Cate's, who vehemently tells Ryan not to bring up their kiss. (The one Cate lied about instead of telling Ryan she had sex with Baze.) Instead, Ryan treats him like dirt and tells Cate that next time, he will confront Baze for him trying to force himself on her.

At the bar, Baze complains to Jaime and Math about his lack of getting to be a father because of Ryan. Comparing Baze and Ryan to gorillas and somehow implying saying Ryan is trying to become Lux's dad, Jamie suggests Baze confront him. Of course, Baze would just rather prove he's the man of the house the tough way: He signs up for the "Hands on a Hybrid" competition to battle Ryan face-to-face.

Meanwhile, after Lux sees Tasha's birth mom while shopping, she finds out a foster family wants to adopt Tasha. They happen to live three hours away, which doesn't sit well with Lux, so she reveals that she saw Tasha's mother, who looked surprisingly healthy and happy, not like before where she was on meth.

When Alice confronts Cate about not telling Ryan the truth, Cate admits that she pushed the lie further, having told Ryan that Baze had come on to her. "I've just made a mess out of everything and I don't know how to get out of this without losing everything that I care about," Cate says before finally deciding that she will tell him.

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