The Bachelor Episode Recap: Finale Season 14, Episode 10

On the season finale of The Bachelor, Jake introduces Tenley and Vienna to his family as he struggles to decide which woman to choose.

After a long very montage showing viewers how far we've come, Jake is still where we saw him at the end of the last new episode in St. Lucia: stuck between two women he's fallen in love with. Before he makes his big choice, however, Jake must bring his family into the equation for their take on Tenley and Vienna.

Tenley is the first to meet the family and she's got a big advantage since Jake says he brought up a lot of Vienna's perceived faults with his family early on in their trip. As one might expect, Tenley is a perfect fit with Jake's family right from the beginning, but for the girl that "dreams in cartoons," what family wouldn't love her? Right from the get-go, Tenley is very open and honest about her feelings for Jake and even makes his dad tear up a little bit. Tenley and Jake's mom share a nice talk and Jake's mom tells him she is not worried about Tenley at all. "You won a lot of points today," Jake's dad tells her at one point (as she makes him cry again). Good luck following that, Vienna.

As Jake prepares to introduce Vienna to his family, he calls a good connection between his other half and his family a "dealbreaker" so of course, at the beginning, everything seems to go wrong for Vienna. She's hardly her natural outgoing self with his family and seems less than warm with them. Even worse, when she does start talking openly, it's about how she didn't get along with the other women in the house and red flags go up left and right for Jake's family, especially his mom, who is very concerned about Jake finding a wife to get along with his brothers' wives. However, Vienna slowly but surely warms over Jake's mom and sister-in-law during their respective sit-downs with her. Jake's family is honest that they like Tenley more, but also say they see how much Vienna cares about him. It will be interesting to see how much, if at all, this judgment will affect his decision.

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