'Fringe': Charlie's still alive, but not quite Season 2, Episode 11

Monday's hourlong, which was originally an unaired Season 1 episode, kept in line with "Fringe's" procedural template and even revisited some of last year's storylines, but the decision to advertise what was an "old" episode as a new one didn't help the cohesiveness of the serialized show.

The Case: A dying girl, Lisa Donovan, is taken off life support, and while the doctors prep her for her post-death organ donor procedure, she dramatically comes back to life, reciting a series of numbers (which end up being classified military information) and exercising her new fluency in the Russian language.

While Olivia and Peter investigate further into her "connection" with a missing soldier Andrew Rusk who had knowledge of those codes, Walter posits that Lisa may be channeling Rusk and that she may in fact be psychic after her sudden resurrection. Apparently, a person suffering a near-death experience has the ability to connect with those who have already passed on. Not as crazy as a six-feet worm coming out of your body without warning.

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Default avatar cat
Jan 13, 2010 5:21AM EST

The episode was OK. I noticed Charley right away. It should have been advertised as an un-aired season one episode.Hats off to the acting of the girl in this episode.;)

Default avatar cat
Jan 14, 2010 2:59PM EST

I agree they should have announced it, but as soon as you saw Charlie and nothing was noted as wrong you should have immediately guessed, as T.V. shows do this from time to time. Still, with a show like Fringe, they was still a chance it was something along the lines of... Another shape shifter, or him from an alternate universe, and someone had erased the memories of the events some how, or an alternate universe's Fringe Devision altogether... Anyway, yeah, should have mentioned it lol

Jan 15, 2010 3:21AM EST

Stuff like this should be saved for DVD extras.

Default avatar cat
Jan 15, 2010 6:12PM EST

Yeah, they should've said something.By the way, I noticed an observer at one point and I don't see them in the new season anymore.

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