Stallone taps he-men pals Willis and Ah-nuld for 'The Expendables'

If you’re a certain kind of red-meat action movie fan - you know you who are - then you’re already counting down the days to Sylvester Stallone’s orgy of macho mayhem, The Expendables, on August 13th. Sure, we understand that the former Italian Stallion’s output these days has been decidedly hit or miss. But The Expendables is destined to be a classic. Why? Because it features the once-in-a-lifetime summit of the Big Three action czars of the ’80s: Stallone, Bruce Willis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“It took probably eight months to pull it off because of everyone’s schedules,” says Stallone, who also directed and co-wrote the $55 million throwback to man-on-a-mission classics like The Dirty Dozen. “With Arnold especially, we’d plan a date and then there’d be a fire or a budget crisis and he’d have to go back to Sacramento.”

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