'Last Comic Standing' - 'The Semi-Finals Part Two' Recap

I'm way more excited for this week of comics than last week. If I remember correctly, this is a way better group and so the competition will be more intense. At least that's what I'm hoping after a lame opening bit involving a monkey in the control room.

The first semifinal comic up is Roy Wood Jr. His voice is weird and I sort of like his perspective, but his jokes aren't as strong. They get better as his set goes on though. Judge Greg Giraldo pretty much agrees with me. I don't know if he's memorable enough, but he's not bad.

My girl Fortune Feimster is second. Oh man, have I missed her since I dubbed her my favorite in my first recap. Her voice sometimes still reminds me of Chris Farley, which is not necessarily a bad thing at all. She didn't do her strongest set, but she's so likable. Judge Andy Kindler thinks she was fantastic.

Jerry Rocha goes up next. He does a voice that's amazingly spot-on and hilarious. He's way better now in the semifinals than he was in his audition or the showcase. He has a vocal tic where he says, "You know what I mean, guys?" that's not the greatest but his set is solid. Judge Natasha Leggero critiques his jokes as kind of "easy" but Kindler and Giraldo liked him.

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