SVU Producer Neal Baer Explains ADA Shakeup

How did Melissa Sagemiller come to replace Paula Patton as the new ADA on Law & Order: SVU? TV Guide Magazine got the scoop from showrunner Neal Baer.

"Right before Paula started her first episode - which she's shooting right now - she was offered a test for Mission: Impossible: 4," says Baer. "We had a contract, but I don't want to stand in someone's career path if they're going to be in a huge feature film with Tom Cruise. So when she got that role, we recast ours."

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Sep 12, 2010 10:56AM EDT

This whole new ADA a week thing is getting tired... don't they realise that surely, the staple of any L&O franchise is to have the Law (ie, the cops, Benson and Stabler) and the Order (who by my reckoning could pretty much be anyone). More than anything it's confusing for the viewers. I just got used to the idea that Alex Cabot was back, and then she left... then we had an unsettling time with no particular ADA. Then I was thrilled to see a good solid actress fill the role, in the form of Sharon Stone, and now it seems she is gone too! How are we supposed to relate and develop attachment to any of these characters when there just seems to be a constant revolving door in and out of the show?! Diane Neal was on the show for 5 years... and it worked. Her character became a beloved fixture, who was often the focus of whole episodes. Michaela Macmanus replaced her, and while it seemed she wasn't well recieved, we weren't really given a chance to like her, as she was quickly ushered off the show.
Seriously Nael Baer... sort it out! I have no clue who Melissa Sagemiller is... but just make it stick. I'll take anyone right about now.

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