Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 2, Episode 2 - Initiations

Chakotay takes a shuttlecraft to a seemingly empty part of space to perform a religious ritual in which he remembers his father's death. However, he is attacked by a small Kazon ship by a young man on his first mission.

Chakotay manages to disable the Kazon ship and beams the man on board the shuttle seconds before the his ship explodes. In the explosion though he loses long range communication thus not being able to communicate with Voyager. He then discovers that this man's name is Kar, and would rather be dead than on the shuttlecraft, before being pulled into a much larger Kazon vessel via a tractor beam. There Chakotay is told that if he kills Kar he will be free to go, instead Chakotay and Kar escape the vessel and head to a M Class moon and make an emergency transport to the moon. Chakotay tries to talk sense into the boy. Saying that the name Kar wants to earn and the uniform Chakotay has earned are not that different, along with an offer to come to Voyager. Captain Janeway and an away team begin to search for Chakotay. Though Chakotay tells the away team that Kar has taken him prisoner. The away team arrives after being trapped in a force field just in time to see Kar's crucial test, when Chakotay seems to sleep, Kar chooses not to kill Chakotay. Instead he kills Razik, the leader of the Kazon group. Kar thus passes the test after all. Posturing, he promises to kill Chakotay the next time they meet. At the end Chakotay finishes his ritual and adds Kar to his prayers.

Source: Wikipedia

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