Recap Charmed: Season 5, Episode 15 - The Day The Magic Died

It starts out with the three sisters outside looking up at the sky. Meanwhile, inside Leo is trying to rangle up all of the golden geese. They are going back inside to go to sleep, but when Piper stands up, she passes out. When Leo can't heal her, they immediatly take her to the hospital. They then learn that Piper has a form of high blood preasure, called Toximia. The doctor says that she should respond to the treatment, which is no stress and lots of bed rest. When they get home, after Piper is upstairs and resting, Phoebe and Paige discover that they have another baby gift, but this time it's a unicorn. The card says that it is from El. Paige tries to orb it, but she can't. Phoebe tries a spell but that doesn't work either. They realize that they don't have any powers. Paige walks back out of the kitchen, where she sees a demon walking up the stairs. She yells at him and he attempts to throw a fireball. But just like the girls, his powers are diminished, too. Just as he is about to throw part of the table onto Paige, Phoebe appears from the kitchen and throws one of the kitchen knives. Since there is no magic to make him dissapear, they have to hide him in the coat closet. Just as the doorbell rings. It's the girls father.

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