Medium Season 6, Episode 02: WHO'S THAT GIRL - Recap

Devalos shows Allison a missing persons photo of Elena Agronov and Allison recognizes the woman as a stripper from one of her visions. Allison dreams Elena was shot by one of her clients from the strip club and is able to tell Scanlon where to find her body. Meanwhile, Allison and Joe think Ariel is being a rebellious teenager when she sneaks out one night and comes back smelling like cigarettes. However, Allison dreams that Ariel is actually possessed by Elena's ghost and that when she snuck out of the house she went to buy a gun to seek revenge on the man who shot her. Allison dreams Elena's murderer was the father of one of Ariel's friends, Kevin Charles, but when she confronts Ariel/Elena to get her to stop seeking revenge, Joe doesn't believe the far-fetched story. Finally, after Allison frames Ariel for Elena's murder and gets Scanlon to arrest her, they are able to trick Elena into giving up possession of Ariel's body. Joe had been in on the plan all along and police arrest Kevin for Elena's murder.

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