The Bachelorette Episode Recap: Week 5 Season 6

Ali and the nine remaining guys continue their round-the-world trip with a visit to Iceland on this week's The Bachelorette. But while she and her suitors enjoy the sights, the real question remains: Will Ali enjoy the sight of Kasey's new "love shield" tattoo when she goes on her first two-on-date with Kasey and Justin? Will the love warrior or the wrestler win the rose?

To get things started, the guys must compete for the one-on-one date with Ali by writing a love poem for her (with extra credit if they fit an Icelandic word in, because this is fourth grade after all). Either my personal favorite Chris L. will win because he's genuine and in touch with his emotions, or Kasey "the love guardian" will win because he's already proven he excels (or is it fails?) at the most cheesy expressions of affection.

Oh, wait, maybe Chris N. will win so producers finally have time to give him some face time on camera and I can finally understand how he made it so this far. No offense to him, he looks a lot less harmful than crazy Kasey, but I'm frustrated that he's one of the final nine and yet I know so little about him.

Once the guys start reading their works of art (or three minutes of desperate scrambling), Kasey's is the most laugh-out-loud, if only because he mumbles the entire poem and you can immediately tell by the look on Ali's face (and by the sheer fact that she's not a mind reader) that she has no idea what he's saying. Kasey takes her laugh at the end as a good thing - little does he know that's her signal for complete and utter bafflement.

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