Bad Girls Club Recap: Holy Reunion Episode (Part 1)!

This week is the first of a two part reunion episode hosted by the one, the only, Perez Hilton! He refers to the girls as 'eight of the craziest bitches I have ever seen!' And from what we have seen this season, he is totally right. Amber starts the reunion with some big news: She's preggers! And she proudly lifts up her dress to show us her 18-week plump belly. The four 'survivors' of the show, Kendra, Amber, Annie, and Lexie, start off by reviewing their road trip at the end of the season. They totally DITCHED Annie on this trip and you can tell by the tears in her eyes that she is still pretty upset about it. One thing that stuck out to me is that Lexie doesn't act like a total moron. Is it possible she was fake the whole season? She had me fooled!

Next we welcome Kate whose hair was looking faker than ever! Oh god, I forgot how much I dislike this girl. However, this reunion episode gave her a chance to explain her mental and emotional exhaustion in the house which caused her to be so cruel. I call FAKE, Kate.

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