Recap: Second Group of 12 Performs

After last week's lackluster performances, a new group of 12 hopefuls takes the stage on American Idol. Has this group learned the value and importance of song choice? Will this week's hot young things stay away from winking and cougar faces?

Welcome back, Idol fans! I'm not sure I've had enough time to get past last week's sucky auditions. The terrible song choices! The awful stage presence! Tatiana's swooning! The judges' clear favoritism of Danny Gokey! The lack of humanity!

Speaking of Tata, aren't you relieved that all that drama is over? (Though there may be more drama with dingus maximus Nick Mitchell performing tonight). But, much like Top Chef brings back former contestants to shake things up, something tells me we haven't seen the last of Tata. If she does get a wild-card slot (which I don't really think will happen), the shizzle will go down.

Let's hope this new group of performers has what it takes to knock our socks off.

Jasmine Murray

Did you guys check out Jasmine's mom? Those are some awesome genes there, sister. Unfortunately, those genes did not help Jasmine pick the right song. She sings "Love Song" by one of my faves, Sara Bareilles. Now, I may be a little picky about this song because I love Sara so much, but I thought Jasmine sounded terrible! Do I think Jasmine is talented? Absolutely! Does she deserve to go through? Probably -- but not after that song. Randy says there were good moments and bad moments; she was too pitchy and made too much out of a simple melody. Kara says she's all over the place, and Paula agrees. Simon says that he's disappointed because she's really commercial, but that she may be in this competition a few years too early.

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