Recap: "Week 8, Part 2"

The second half of this week's episode opens up with a pop quiz to test everyone's knowledge about health and aging. The editor-in-chief of Prevention magazine is on hand to ask the questions and deliver the answers. First up: If you switch from regular cola to diet, will it help you live longer? False. Both can double your risk of metabolic syndrome. Next question: Which will help you live longer, cutting calories or fat? Calories is the answer, leaving Blue with one point and Black with two. And the final question is, which exercise is believed to help you live longer, push-ups or squats? The answer is squats (hey, I got it right!). Black wins 3-1, earning an awesome vacation for each member of the team.

After a quick lesson on frozen veggies — featuring Bob wearing quite the spiffy turtle-neck — the teams are onto their last-chance workout. Jillian pushes Filipe to run at 12.0 mph and when he makes it through like a champ, Jillian remarks that it's good she knows his limit and when to push him, because he doesn't.

The weigh-in this week is a bit different, now that there are two definitive teams. The team that collectively has the lower percentage of weight-loss must vote a member out. So here's how the numbers fall:

Blue Team:

Dane loses 13 pounds. (The fastest 100-pound loss in Biggest Loser history)

Aubrey loses 5 pounds. (Rolls her eyes, wishes she did better)

Mandy loses 7 pounds.

Ron loses 5 pounds.

Kristin loses 10 pounds.

Cathy loses 14 pounds.

The Blue Team loses a total of 54 pounds and 3.26 percent.

Black Team:

Helen loses 7 pounds. (She's now below 200 pounds.)

Laura loses 8 pounds.

Tara loses 11 pounds.

Mike loses 10 pounds. (He's now under 300 pounds.)

Filipe loses 8 pounds.

Sione loses 10 pounds.

The Black Team loses a total of 57 pounds and 3.65 percent to win the weigh-in.

The Blue team is given one hour to discuss their decision. Ron suggests they do it the "fair way," by looking at who needs to remain at the ranch. Who has the support at home, he asks, and the answer is Dane. He has Blaine and has already lost 100 pounds. Of course Dane fires back that his consistent weight-loss can help them win future weigh-ins, and that Ron only wants him gone because he's a threat. "Damn me, for being successful," Dane says in his confessional.

At the elimination, Dane and Mandi vote to oust for Ron, but Ron, Cathy and Kristin vote for Dane to go. Did Aubrey vote Kristin? I may have missed that... Anyway, Dane immediately starts tearing up but you know what? The man has lost 100 pounds in eight weeks!

During the "Where are they now?" piece, we see that Dane's wife started training for a marathon when he left for the ranch. So, upon his return, Dane decided to take up the challenge as well. They did it together and Blaine was there to cheer him on. Way to go!

Do you think the Blue Team sent the right person home?

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