'Big Brother 11' Feed Update: July 22

After yesterday's HG revolt, it seems as though things have quieted down in the Big Brother 11 house. However, by the end of this live feed update, we'll find out that there are quite a handful of rats scurrying around after all.

The contestants are getting bored, and so are we. Some of them are merely trying to guess what day it is, while others are just lounging around or napping. Chima sums up our sentiments in the following words: "Why don't they give us something to do if we're the least entertaining cast ever?"

Despite their inescapable ennui, the HGs try their best. The girls talked Jessie into modeling for them, yelling "banana hammock!" and asking him what type of underwear he uses. Obviously, we didn't need to know that he wears Speedos.

Meanwhile, the Dumb 5 are talking game. Jeff believes they'll all self-destruct soon, and Jordan thinks there'll be a big blow up between Natalie and Lydia. She doesn't know just how right she is, since the two are stuck in a love triangle with Banana Hammock Boy Jessie.

As all of this is happening, Ronnie who still hasn't left his room is up there reading the Bible. Has the Dark one reformed? Find out later. The others, while out on the patio, continue to make jokes at his expense.

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