Recap: "The Past Catches Up"

The gang heads to Miami for the weekend, but Allie can't join them. Why? She has a photo shoot with another guy for Nylon magazine that's "really sexy." She and Erin chat about it at the office, and Erin tells her '"a little flirting never hurt anybody." We all know Allie's boyfriend lives by that mantra. But rest assured, Allie isn't nervous about Adam living it up in South Beach all weekend because she trusts him. Rightttt.

Down in Miami we get a nice, um, "cheeky" view of the pool scene. The girls and the guys are split up grade-school style, and they discuss Jay recently bunking up with Whitney. She assures her girls that she gave him two weeks, and that this is no permanent thing. Some Australian chick named Jess (Potsy's girlfriend) used to room with Jay and tells Whitney that he's not the easiest to live with.

Over in New York, Allie is doing her shoot and things get steamy with the boy. Once they wrap, he asks her if she wants to grab a beer, or Snapple perhaps. He knows she has a boyfriend but promises that he's a gentlemen, or will at least try to be.

At Liv in South Beach, the alcohol is flowing and guess who arrives: Danielle. Jays sees her and tells his friends, "She's with her f***in new boyfriend," but then insists that he doesn't care and has no emotional attachment to her. He says hi, and she tells him that's she's single. Completely single. They briefly talk about the last time they saw each other in New York, when they went home together. It's been on his mind and hers as well, but nothing more is said between the two - at least that we see - and instead Danielle introduces herself to Whitney. She even apologizes for the drama she caused. She seems to say a little more than she should've, but Jay again tells Whitney she has nothing to worry about it. Meanwhile, Adam is drinking right from the bottle, and Erin calls Allie to tell her he's surrounded by girls. I guess she's being a good friend, but why would you upset her when she's not there to do anything about it? Allie is sick of having to worry about him and tells Erin to continue to keep an eye out. She also gets the push she needs to change her mind and take up model-boy on his offer for drinks.

The weekend is over and Jay and Whitney are back in New York. Danielle comes up, and Whitney wonders how she even knew they'd be there. Jay, again, says he has nothing to hide, but Whitney tells him, "Just so you know I trusted you, so I don't think that you needed to go overboard to justify yourself." Then it gets a little tense. He doesn't think it's an issue anymore, but Whitney tells him that it keeps showing back up. The conversation makes her nauseous and ends with her telling him, "I don't want to be played for a fool."

Adam brings Allie flowers to dinner, and they continually exchange a bunch of "baby's" and "honey's" until she brings up what Erin told her. "She's one to talk, she has three different boyfriends," Adam says. Kind of a good point. They continue to bicker about her back-and-forth stance on trusting him.. In the end, she brings up her finding an apartment and that it's the best thing for them right now. He's not so sure and feels like he's losing her. "Why can't everything be the same how it was?" he ponders.

Whitney and her new friend Jess are shopping, and Whitney just doesn't know what to do about Jay. Jess offers up the not so pleasant scoop on him and calls him "interesting" to put it lightly. Then she goes on to say that he's got a temper, is untrustworthy at times and always has little lies. Needless to say, Whitney is stunned. "There's always something with Jay," Jess says.

Do you think Whitney needs to drop Jay?

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