Idol's Megan Doesn't Regret Snubbing Simon: "I Couldn't Help But Be Honest"

Strategically, it was a questionable move.

Just before she made the bottom three this week, and knowing that were she to be eliminated, the Judges' Save would be in play, American Idol wannabe Megan Joy took a moment to snub Simon, saying, "I don't care" what the Brit thinks of her singing.

A half-hour later, the 23-year-old beauty learned that she had in fact received the lowest vote total. And due in part to the frankness she demonstrated earlier in the show, Simon said there would be no chance, none at all, for her to vie for the Judges' Save.

Joy, though, has "no regrets" about what she said.

"I wouldn't take anything back," she tells "I was happy to go the way I did. I cared about the competition ... I just didn't care that Simon didn't like my songs. I couldn't help but be honest!"

Equally honest in recent nights was Joy's brother, C.J., who from the audience heckled Kara DioGuardi to the point that Idol's new judge talked about it at length on Wednesday's show. "Like me, he just can't help but be himself," Megan said later in a press conference call. "And I'm glad that Kara ended up taking it light-heartedly."

Did Megan agree with C.J.'s chant, that Kara is a "broken record" when it comes to professing her affinity for "packaged" artists? "Well, we do hear that comment a lot," says Megan. "It gets like, 'All right, we already know that.'"

The one thing Megan already knows is that she "cannot wait" to reunite with her 2-year-old son, Ryder, back in Utah. Her plain-and-simple plan? "I'm going to hold him for as long as he'll let me, and I'm going to try not to sob like a lunatic," she shares. "It's going to be beautiful."

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Apr 4, 2009 5:26AM EDT

Ah, the arrogance of youth. I cut my own throat, but I don't care because I got to say what I please. Gack.

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