Modern Family: "Truth Be Told" Review Episode 17

Modern Family continued to impress Wednesday night, with stories that showcased everything its large cast does well. Jay had his skewed "father knows best" moment, with Manny and Gloria seeing right through it. Mitchell and Cameron got to show off their full ranges, including their short trip between giddy excitement and sheer panic. And Phil's frazzled attempts to thwart the come-ons of an ex-girlfriend stole the show. The episode wasn't perfect, but the parts that worked were exceptional.

Of the three family units, Mitchell and Cameron's storyline was the least engaging and had the fewest payoffs. Mitchell was working too hard and too often at his job, missing his daughter's childhood milestones. We haven't really seen much of Mitchell at work -- or any of the cast, really -- so the stress of his job went only as deep as the generic stuff we were seeing in this episode. When Mitchell couldn't take it anymore and he walked out on his boss, it was a fine moment, but not one that you could really connect to. The storyline as a whole would have been fairly bland if not for two great sequences. The first came when the two were in their separate cars "recreating a faux pas." The "shout/a little bit louder now" bit had fantastic delivery and timing and was pulled off masterfully. Equally funny was the shift from excitement to panic the pair had as they realized what Mitchell had actually done.

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