Recap: "The Monster at the End of this Book"

Sam and Dean found out their demon-hunting lives were detailed in a series of books called Supernatural. And what followed was an hour that took the time to pay homage to a little thing called "fandom" and furthered along the show's mythology.

I don't know about you guys but the last couple of episodes have made my head hurt. Maybe not in the way this season of Lost has with its time-traveling ways, but it hurts nevertheless. And when I say hurts, I totally mean it in a good way. In "It's a Terrible Life," Dean and Sam were stripped of their memories all in order for Dean to remember his true purpose in life and to focus on the coming war. It gave us Dean driving a Toyota Prius and Sam working in a cubicle. Crazy, right? Well, in "The Monster at the End of this Book," we were introduced to an author who wrote about Sam and Dean and what they've been through. We're talking everything they've been through. He got everything right. From their mom being killed by a demon to Dean going to hell. It turned out this guy (pen name: Carver Edlund) was a prophet. His specialty was writing the Winchester gospel. Wow, first demons, then angels and now prophets. Who knew we'd get so deep in all things biblical before this season started? I always knew this show had the potential to go there. They went there times a thousand.

There was some serious stuff going on, but much of the episode was freakin' hilarious. It was crazy how loud I was laughing while watching this thing by myself in my apartment. This show has always liked to poke fun of itself, of Hollywood, network execs, of basically everything, and the Supernatural fandom was not spared in any way. Some of the more LOL moments were:

The Sam Girls/Dean Girls and slash fiction references. I was totally shocked when they mentioned all three of these terms that are common knowledge for anyone that's part of the Supernatural fandom. I couldn't believe this show went there (especially with the slash fiction).

Finding the small group of fans of the book on the internet Dean noticed they "sure do complain a lot." I was on the floor after this one.

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