Lost: And The Missing Piece Off Team Jacob Is...

I think that settles everything, then.

Jack and Hurley are on one side. Jacob easily convinced Hurley to return to the Island. He also convinced Jack, but he's having a hard time convincing him of his supposed duty now he's back. But I doubt Jack will continue to resist. He ended up pressing the button every 108 minutes after Desmond left. He ended up being a believer in destiny after Locke's death. He will end up taking on whatever Jacob wants him to do.

Everybody else outside the Island is on the other side, or at least, will be on the other side. Flocke already convinced Sawyer last week. Kate, because her heart flutters a lot, will go with him. Jin will be a wild card, because he'll actually bring Claire--a threat, according to some definitions--to the Temple, thanks to his stupid lie about the Others holding Aaron.

It sucks to say this, because I didn't expect to make a prediction on how this will all look like towards the end. Here goes anyway: the final showdown is going to be Jack versus Locke. Again.

Apart from Jack and Hurley, whose roles seem to be pretty much defined, everybody else will end up as collateral damage. Perhaps Flocke will have the other candidates fight, exploiting the loophole once again. In the end, it's going to be a showdown between Flocke and Jack, much like the Joker facing Batman. (I didn't want to compare Hurley to Robin, but wasn't that obvious?) On Jack's side: that other person who's returning to the Island.

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