Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Interview - Cirie

Cirie has had one of the most fascinating journeys in the history of Survivor, form a contestant in Survivor: Panama (AKA: Exile Island) who claimed she was afraid of leaves and didn't belong there at all, to one of the most skilled and formidable manipulators the game has ever seen. After proving how great a player she was in two previous seasons, including Micronesia, Cirie came into Heroes vs. Villains with a target on her back, that had contestants like Tom gunning for her immediately.

Cirie seemed to be gaining her old foothold though, as she aligned with JT, Rupert, James, Candice and her old Micronesia partner Amanda. But a riveting series of events began when Tom found a hidden immunity idol, and eventually led to JT turning on Cirie, and helping Colby and Tom vote her out.

I spoke to Cirie to get her thoughts on JT turning on her, her reputation in the game, the infamous Russell and much more.

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