''Nikita'' recap: Walk Hotly and Carry a (Really) Big Gun Episode 2

Sometimes a gigantic gun is just a gun. Other times, it's a noisy symbol carried by a renegade agent reminding you that, yes, her (choose one: information-gathering power; hand-to-hand combat skill; determination to win the day; babealiciousness) really is bigger than yours.

Subtle? Not so much. Effective? You damn well better believe it.

The same can be said about The CW's Nikita, which delivered a second outing tonight that lacked the easy, breezy pacing of last week's pilot, but made up for its intermittently thudding dialogue with several nifty plot twists (Division's finishing-school instructor Amanda pulls double duty as 'The Inquisitor'?), heaping portions of gunplay (imagine the party tricks you could conduct with a couple of our heroine's megabullets?), and a side order of slinky fashion (designed to raise your pulse rate, make you fantasize about a weekend shopping trip, or both -depending on your predilections).

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