'Life Unexpected' Episode 7 "Crisis Unaverted" Clips and Promos

Just to give you a quick heads up on how things are on Life Unexpected, things have blossomed into a full-blown competition between the guys on Cate's (Shiri Appleby) life, following Baze's (Kristoffer Polaha) guest spot on her radio show with partner and boyfriend Ryan (Kerr Smith).

The two, Cate and Ryan, patched things up in the end, only Cate didn't tell him that she slept with Baze on the night of Lux (Britt Robertson) coming to their lives. Instead, she told him that Baze tried to kiss him and he tried to stop him, which was a big fat lie.

On the upcoming episode called "Crisis Unaverted" a "Hands on a Hybrid" contest has Baze and Ryan dangerously close to each other, leaving Cate worried that Baze might let it slip to her fiance that she is an unfaithful liar.

On the Lux side of things, she proceeds to help Tasha find her mom after learning that her best friend might have to move to a foster home three hours away.

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