Recap: "Daybreak - Part 2"

After four seasons, the fate of Battlestar Galactica and her fleet is revealed after a treacherous rescue mission to save Hera.

I honestly can't believe this is the last recap I'll write for Battlestar Galactica. What a frakkin' ride this show has been, particularly in the last ten weeks. We've discovered Ellen was the fifth and final Cylon, said goodbye to Dualla after her shocking suicide, and saw humans and Cylons working together to ensure their survival. We've also questioned who and what our heroine Starbuck really is and seen the ever-stoic Adama become an alcoholic and drug addict. But there are still so many questions to be answered! Could the show resolve them all in just two hours and 11 minutes? Let's find out.

Last week, I mentioned how much I enjoyed the flashbacks of some of the fleet's lives in Caprica before the fall, but I wished there had been more. Well, this week, my wish came true, and the somewhat disjointed flashbacks from last episode were fleshed out in much more detail.


Tigh, Ellen and Adama

I have to admit I was shocked to see Adama and Tigh hanging out and discussing Tigh's retirement and Adama's new job interview in a strip club! But I couldn't stop chuckling at the awesomeness of this bromance and Tigh's super-drunk and gravely voice - complete with several "Yeahs!" after he took shots. I was actually even a little annoyed that Ellen showed up to crash the party, though I understand why she did. They needed to show that Ellen and Tigh, as dysfunctional as they are, are meant to be together forever. It was nice to see a more touching and loving side to their relationship.

We also saw Adama asked to take a lie detector test for a new cushy job he was interviewing for. But midway through, he decided he'd had enough and took off. After he returned to the bar for a few more shots, he headed outside to vomit (in one of the grossest vomit scenes I've watched on TV), then looked up at the stars, just knowing his true destiny.


After watching her heartbreaking reaction to losing her family last week, we got to see a lighter, naughtier side of Roslin. We met her blind date, Sean Ellison, and in one of the funnier moments of the show, she realized how she knew him. He was one of her former students! He knew that she was his teacher and wanted to go on a date (love that), and looked like a smitten puppy. She paused for just a second and brilliantly poured a large glass of wine and said something along the lines of, "the night is young, let's see what happens." After their date, which went well enough for them to end up in bed, she gave herself a long look in the mirror. She then asked Sean to leave, telling him it will never happen again. She lights herself a cigarette and makes a phone call accepting a job with the mayor's campaign. It's an awesome moment.

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Mar 25, 2009 9:40PM EDT

Dont forget one of the most touching flashbacks as Boomer recalls when she frakked up a mission when she first became a pilot and asked the old man for a second chance. He says, "okay.but you owe me. but then again not many people pay you back when the time comes" and she replies "okay. Ill pay you back one day, i swear it" which is why she gives the colonials back Hera and takes her inevitable punishment from Athena, a chest riddled full of bullets. Still I dont feel sorry for her a little bit too little too late, she screwed her friends-basically her family and even the other eights, over and over again.

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May 8, 2009 11:54AM EDT

i gotta say i was disappointed with the finale. Why such an idea to come on earth, abandon the ships and all their technologies ? It came out of nowhere and everybody agreed on that. It seems dubious to do that when you're so evolved.Furthermore, had the peaceful life they had planed on Earth happened : apparently, Hera died pretty young. And can we just be satisfied by the departure of Kara without explanations on why her parents told her she was special neither on how her father knew the song that awoke the final five and led to Earth.Eventually, there's no glory in the finale.

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