FLASHPOINT ''Whatever It Takes'' Review

Whatever it Takes was the thirteenth episode of FLASHPOINT's third season. The plot involved a high school kid on a varsity basketball team from a poor background who is kidnapped, beaten, and then attempts to commit suicide. It was forty minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

I’ll start off with the positive. It only lasted forty minutes. The premise was original-if not realistic or well done. And the guest acting was not terrible.

There was a minor subplot involving Jules and some guy from her past. This is really dull, seeing as we haven’t gotten to know this fellow beyond twelfth grade grins. He was introduced just to make Sam jealous but three seasons in and Sam and Jules still haven’t gotten it on, Sam and Jules shippers can hardly be annoyed when they start dating other people. It’s a pity the writers are too afraid to go down the Sam-Jules route, as the actors have chemistry and they’re two of the least consistently annoying characters on the show.

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