Christopher Lloyd Will Be a Doc on 'Chuck'

The February 8th episode of 'Chuck' will be the last until after the Olympics, so here's a bit a news that should keep all 'Chuck' devotees panting for the return. Christopher Lloyd will be guesting on 'Chuck' in the spring. He's playing a psychiatrist/therapist/shrink who Chuck consults with when the rigors of morphing into a spy starts to get to Agent Bartowski.

This will hopefully be a case of the right actor in the right role and the writers rise to the occasion to create something memorable. There's every reason to hope for big things because executive producer Josh Schwartz has admittedly being a geek when it comes to anything related to 'Back to the Future.' Having Doctor Emmett "Doc" Brown in the house should be an inspiration, don't you think?

'Chuck' had a 'Back to the Future' car, a DeLorean, on the show -- the time machine vehicle from 'Back to the Future' sans the flux capacitator -- last season. It wouldn't be at all surprising for the show to find ways to weave references to Christopher Lloyd's Doc Brown into 'Chuck,' but wouldn't it be even funnier if they also reached back to 'Taxi'?

He could be Dr. Jim Ignatowski, former reverend and cab driver. Maybe Ignatowski was related to Bartowski in the old country? We'll see. Christopher Lloyd will be in the 16th episode of 'Chuck.'

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