Dancing with the Stars: A Battle Between the Heart and the Mind

This Dancing with the Stars is especially difficult to predict. There are two equally powerful sides heading into the finale, but only one will prevail. Dancing with the Stars might finally answer the age-old question: which is more powerful, the heart or the mind?

My brain is telling me that Mya and Dmitry Chaplin have to win. They're the best, and you only need to look at the judges' scores for objective proof. If Dancing with the Stars was totally based on merit, Mya would win in a landslide.

But that's where the heart comes in. There is no better story of triumph on TV than that of Kelly Osbourne. No one expected Ozzy's daughter to succeed on Dancing with the Stars, and yet from the very first week when she gracefully performed a Viennese Waltz, she's become the overwhelming sentimental favorite. Even if she doesn't deserve it, I WANT her to win.

That's where we're at. My brain wants Mya to win and my heart wants Kelly to win. Unfortunately for him, absolutely no part of me wants Donny Osmond to win.

The final performance show might change this dynamic, but it's doubtful. I'm certain that Mya and Dmitry will once again earn ridiculously high marks for their dancing skills, while Kelly and Louis van Amstel will cause the judges to gush with sympathy. However, we're still stuck at mind vs. heart.

The case for Mya is easy. After 13 dances, she has an average of almost 27. That's 2.5 points higher than Donny and 3 points higher than Kelly. She has two 30s this season, and no other couple has even one. She's been number one on the leader board five out of nine weeks. Donny was only at the top once and Kelly has never been there. This season the 10 paddle was been raised 23 times, and 15 of those were for Mya and Dmitry. The other two finalists only have a combined total of three 10s, and that includes the one they shared for their Team Tango.

No matter how you break the numbers down, the fact remains that Mya and Dmitry are objectively better than everyone else, and therefore, logically, deserve to win.

But then there's Kelly, the sweet Osbourne who overcame drug addiction to become an elegant and confidant young woman before our very eyes. From her first graceful Viennese Waltz to her fiery Paso Doble to her exhilarating Quickstep, she's wowed us all by defying expectations. She's also the most earnest star left, wearing her emotions on her sleeve and crying over how grateful she is to still be there. Throw in her quote about not quitting unless her foot gets cut off and you have the spirit and heart of a champion.

It's an impossible choice. Do you go with the skilled dancer who has dominated the competition or the sentimental favorite whose victory would certainly lead to some amazing television? Is the mind stronger than the heart, or does emotion beat reason? Tomorrow night, Dancing with the Stars will give us the answer.

Unless Donny Osmond wins. If that happens, it's proof that the world is one big cosmic joke.

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