'True Blood' Recap: A Fairy Tale for Vampires Season 3, Episode 10

Once upon a time there was a girl named Sookie Stackhouse, and she was a fairy.

That's what we learn at the start of this episode of True Blood, and Sookie is pretty calm about it. Bill vows to protect her, but Eric is also interested in her as well as protecting himself.

Ever since Russell went crazy and ripped out a man's spine on live TV, Eric's been under a bit of pressure to get a new plan to fight back. First he makes plans for his possible death, making a will giving everything to Pam and doing the one thing he's always wanted to do: kiss Sookie.

However, despite Bill's promises to keep his fairy girlfriend safe, she runs off to see Eric and he locks her in his basement dungeon for some future plan that will hopefully lead to a "happily ever after" for Eric.

Speaking of happy endings, many other characters had huge revelations in this episode and found some closure.

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