New Iron Man 2 Image What's red and yellow and really mad?

Cue girlish screams of glee from anyone who hasn't looked at our mag page recently: Tony Stark is back and fully Iron-Man'd up in the supe suit, and the collest thing to happen to primary colours since Fisher Price is gracing our January cover in this brand new pic.

While giant hunks of metal showing emotion is a mite challenging, he's got his grim on and is literally electrifying. If you're not as excited about Stark's comeback as we are then you're definitely getting coal in your stocking.

And if you can tear your eyes away from all that red and yellow goodness, there's our Iron Man 2 feature bringing you everything you need to know about the big man in the suit to whet your appetite before Christmas: full Iron Man 2 set report plus behind the scenes photos exclusive to Empire.

Plus: dig in for exclusives on Robin Hood, Avatar and Kick-Ass, our review of the year, Oscars preview, The Lovely Bones Robin Hood and the Bunny and the Bull feature that nearly made our art team cry.

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