True Blood Episode Recap: "I Smell a Rat" Season 3, Episode 10

On Sunday's True Blood, we found out that Sam's redneck beatdown at Merlotte's last week was not the first time he had anger-management issues. Lafayette and Jesus bonded further... over drugs. Arlene turned to Holly for advice about her predicament. Jessica was the belle of the Bon Temps ball. And Bill, Eric and Sookie need to come up with a plan, before Russell brings his crazy to town.


Sam's new penchant for rage freaks out most of the staff. Holly offers him a natural remedy that will lower his testosterone and keep his rage in check. It's a thing she does, she says, because she's a Wiccan. (Or so she says!) Tommy, on the other hand, who has never met a bad judgment he didn't like, is proud of his big brother. Not helping, Tommy!

You see, our friend Sam has a bit of a checkered past. It seems he used to be a thief. In a flashback to 2003, we see a heist gone wrong when he was double-crossed by his lady accomplice and her lover. Sam shape-shifts into the beagle to sneak up on them and reclaim his booty, but something goes awry, and he ends up shooting them both dead. Bad Sam!

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