Bad Girls Club Recap: Santa Barbaric Season 4, Episode 11

The episode opens in reverse: The girls return from their Santa Barbara trip and call attention to their plethora of bruises - we the viewers are lost. What caused these bruises? Where is everyone? Who am I? Before we can answer - it starts back at the beginning. Thanks Oxygen for going all Tarantino on us.

Flo's gone and Kate returns from the hospital, apparently de-swined. They rip Flo's picture off the wall and rejoice by throwing it in the pool, as Amber says to metaphorically drown her I think she was trying to make a clever allusion to her and Flo's epic pool fight - I think.

Natalie wants to have fun with her little monster and takes Kendra to get a new weave a $500 weave. When Natalie plays with her toys, I guess she goes big or goes home. Wait. This doll paid for it herself. Best toy EVER! Kendra claims she's fully aware of Natalie's presumed intentions and won't be played! Yet, she does absolutely nothing about it.

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