Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 4, Episode 6 - Great Xpectations

The show opens in the library with Andie giving Jen advice as to what do about college in the coming fall. Jack brings the letter from Harvard stating that Andie will be attending Harvard College in the fall.

We find Dawson in the CD store where Gretchen finds him and they receive an invitation to the Rave which Gretchen thinks would be a good place for Dawson them to go. Dawson turns it town in exchange for a raincheck. Meanwhile, Pacey and Joey are walking down the street where Joey see Gretchen and Dawson listening to music together. Jack, Andie, and their father begin discussing Harvard and how proud they are of Andy. She tells Jack that she doesn't feel happy, but that she feels empty. When Jack invites her to the rave, she accepts. Drue sends Jen a copy of the invite to the rave as well. She declines several times, as she is searching for her college choice. Back at home Dawson's parents tell him that after all they will have the baby. "Wow" is all they can say. As everybody is getting ready in respective houses, Andie picks up Jen where she sees that she is carrying the excasty pills that Drew gave her in the previous episode.

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