Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 4, Episode 7 - You Had Me at Goodbye

Joey visits with the college counselor who tells her she has one more recommendation to go before finishing the application process. It’s a peer rec from the person who knows her best. Joey is torn between who to ask - Dawson or Pacey. She finally asks Dawson and Pacey gets upset. Dawson decides that he’s not the right person to write the rec and Joey too is upset. Jen is still estranged from the group while Drue continues to torment her. He goes to his mother, Mitch and furthermore the police to tell them that he and Jen played a part in Andie’s little ecstasy mistake. Grams is called to the office as well and displays severe disappointment in Jen, even after her strong denial. Jen and Drue are “sentenced” to some-odd hours of community service. Furthermore, Jack is still refusing to talk to her, even with Andie’s pleading.

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