'The Biggest Loser' recap: Game On Season 9, Episode 12

Welcome to The Sunshine and O'Neal Show, everyone! Take a seat, grab your Kleenex, and prepare to enjoy a whole 120 minutes full of sob-filled entertainment! What's that you say? There are other cast members on this show? Pshaw! Can they deliver an inspirational moment quite like Sunshine and O'Neal?

No, they can't. That's why, yet again, Biggest Loser has delivered to its viewers an entire episode that boasted the yellow team as its centerpiece. Interesting, considering neither Sunshine nor O'Neal went home, scored the highest percentage weight loss of the week, or won immunity. (Sure, Sunshine did win a single challenge - but when has that ever encouraged the show's producers to highlight a contestant?) No, those titles would go to Melissa, Vicky, and Sam, yet, they didn't receive as much fanfare as Sunshine or O'Neal.

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