Review: Leverage - The Runway Job Season 2 Episode 10

No one makes for a better enemy than some kind of ruthless fashion designer. They are the epitome of bloodsucking evil. They want everything, produce nothing and expect to get even more than everything for even less. They are the real world equivalent of a James Bond villain, only not as tastefully dressed.

So it's a perfect way to reacquaint us with the wily antics of Nathan Ford and company as they permeate the seedy underbelly of the world's most powerful evil, even if the way they take them down does have a tiny number of noticeable holes.

Since this is the first episode that features Tara Cole, played by Jeri Ryan, as an official member of the team, a fashion con is a great way to let her stretch her legs. And oh, what a pair of legs they are. She, of course, takes the angle of a big name in the industry to take down a really ruthless sweatshop couple who run their own con on Chinese immigrants to get them to work in their fashion knockoff factory. The husband and wife team of sweatshop working berating yuppies are really ruthless and bad and make you wish you could knock something off of them.

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