Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 4, Episode 8 - The Unusual Suspects

A sailboat owned by Capside High's pompus Principal Peskin, with "Class of 2001" painted on the sail, is found in the school pool and Mr. Leery and Principal Peskin are after the guys who pulled the prank. Dawson, Pacey and Jack are main suspects. The dog that was on the ship instantly recognized Jack; Pacey has access to the yacht club and Dawson has access to the school keys. Each one of them comes up with an alibi for the previous day. Dawson was with Mr. Brooks cleaning his parlor where he discovered that the old man was a former Hollywood film director who abandoned it all after some emotional setback. Jack was with Jen at the soccer field to supervise her community service where one soccer mother made a pass at him. Jack decided to tell her the truth that he is gay and soon regrets it. Pacey was with his brother Doug doing a school report on law enforcement where he soon critizes Doug's career choice in life.

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