Review: The Biggest Loser - Week Two

Remember last week when I said that most teams don't go in for the gameplay this early in The Biggest Loser. I will now stand corrected, as strategy definitely came into play during tonight's episode.

Most of the episode, however, was a showcase for Dr. Huizenga. I'm still haunted by that 3-D MRI image of Shay from last season, and he's at it again, this time showing us the new heaviest-ever-contestant Michael's physique under the computer simulator. He also spotlights the impact of the contestant's weight and health issues in a variety of ways, so that we at home will be sure to get the point.

I applaud The Biggest Loser for the message that we need to get off the couch and do something before we wind up like many of these contestants. But all these constant reminders are really making it hard for me to enjoy this deep-fried Twinkie.

Because of the severity of Michael's obesity, entering the house at 526 pounds, Dr. H hit the White team up twice. First, they piled 303 pounds onto Bob's tiny little frame, so Michael and Maria could see how much he struggled carrying it around. Then, they got to Huizenga's favorite toy, the 3-D MRI imaging. This time he even made like John Madden and drew on the image, in case Michael wasn't sure where his fat was, or where his lungs were.

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