Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 4, Episode 11 - The Tao of Dawson

During some early morning fishing, Dawson confesses his feelings for Gretchen to Pacey, who reacts less than enthusisatically.

Later in the day, Pacey joins Gretchen on a road trip back to school to pick up her car. Pacey decides to try and push the issue of Gretchen getting back together with her ex-boyfriend Nick. However, he is soon alerted of what a jerk Nick is, and Gretchen tells Pacey about her miscarriage which belonged to Nick. In the end Pacey comes to the conclusion that Dawson may not be such a bad choice for his sister after all.

Dawson spends the weekend painting with Jack and he is confronted with two dilemmas. First, whether to further pursue Gretchen or whether to back off. Second, whether or not he should tell Grams that Mr. Brooks, who she has been seeing a lot of lately, is terminally ill. In the end he doesn't have to tell her, because after being a nurse, she's figured it out for herself. The older couple has decided that it is better to live their life while they have it and not wait for their fate to come to them.

Dawson takes this to heart and leaves a letter that he wrote when he was younger for Gretchen at her house. After reading it, she drives over to his house and they kiss.

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