Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 12, "Sympathy For the Devil"

Last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy continues along the same path as before, and really, there doesn't seem to be a lot of newness, or resolution, to any of the storylines. It feels a little like the second film in a trilogy - but that's not all bad. We do get to meet Derek's mother (played by the delightful Tyne Daly) during her visit to Seattle Grace, which adds some variety, as well as a little comic relief. To talk about it (and about that gift she gave Derek!), read more.

Before we get to the doctors, let's talk a bit about the patients . . .

The Patients

* Eric Stoltz returns as the creepy serial killer, and this week I felt a little sorry for him. He seems to have a heart (well, you know, as far as serial killers go). But what I find incredibly irritating is that last week's episode was all about the doctors not wanting to give him proper care, while this week's episode is all about how they wouldn't let him die. Pick a lane. And, yeah, wow, that last scene was intense.

* Which leads us to the little boy who needs a new liver and a new intestine. If the serial killer wants to give him his organs and they're a match, shouldn't this be easier? Apparently not. But, in true Grey's fashion, I'm sure next week the boy will miraculously pull through with his new organs courtesy of Mr. Stoltz.

* The short-guy storyline seems a little like fluff. Sure, Callie is able to equate this guy's, um, shortcomings to her dating life, or lack thereof, but overall I would've been fine without it.

The Doctors

* First up, Meredith gets to meet Derek's mother Carolyn. Overall their scenes together aren't as awkward as they could've been (although, how awesome is the scrunchie subplot?), but I did like that Meredith is able to lose her false facade and be herself around her. And clearly Carolyn is impressed as she gives Derek a ring to propose to Meredith with! Thoughts?

* The Izzie/Denny ghost story seems almost absent in this episode, for which I was very thankful. Of course, it pops up a bit, but the end might be near as the two broke up (and how, exactly, do you break up with a ghost? I'm not really sure).

* Arizona and Bailey continue to fight this week over the little boy's surgery. Nothing new to report but, as I said last week, she's a welcome addition to the cast.

* Owen finally asks Cristina out on a date, and then shows up drunk. Sure, we're supposed to feel bad when he reveals a traumatic moment from the past (which, I guess, explains his inebriation), but it makes me dislike him a little bit.

What did you think of this episode? Is the ghost story is winding down? And most importantly, do you think Derek will propose to Meredith this week?

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Jan 24, 2009 4:13AM EST

Like you've summarized so succintly, none of the storylines got resolved, but I would like to push it further by saying that frankly, GA is just 5 seasons of unresolved storylines, and I've had as much as I can take.
For 4 1/2 season, it was tantalizing, and fun, and exciting. Now its just tiring, and I've given up on it.

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