Dexter: The Real Killing Cycle of Arthur Mitchell

Ever since Dexter kicked off its fourth season, Lundy, Deb, Dexter, as well as the viewers, have been led to believe that Trinity follows a certain murder pattern of three: A young woman in a bathtub bleeding to death, followed by a mother of two falling to death, and a man bludgeoned to death. But it looks like Lundy overlooked some details about Trinity's case as Dexter makes a startling revelation about Trinity's real killing cycle.

I've decided to refer to Trinity as "Arthur Mitchell" since that's his real name and "Trinity" doesn't seem appropriate anymore considering our most recent discovery. It turns out Arthur has been killing in groups of four and the cycle always starts with the abduction of a 10-year-old boy who represents young Arthur.

It's hard to believe that a meticulous and clever cop like Lundy missed out on this massive detail but evidently, Arthur's 10-year-old boy victims were abducted and never seen again, and kidnappings were never ruled as homicides.

Thanks to Jonah, Dexter locates Arthur's latest 10-year-old victim, Scott, in a dingy basement in one of the vacant real estate listings in Arthur's search history on his computer. Dexter knocks out Arthur, who is about to preserve the boy's innocence by cementing him into the house he built, and manages to save the boy, though is unable to stop Trinity from escaping. I can only assume that Arthur will stop at nothing to get back at Dexter after this.

While we've stumbled on something huge about Arthur's killing pattern, we also learned about his relationship with daughter Christine, who killed Lundy and shot Deb for fear that Lundy was getting too close in uncovering her father's case. Acting on her suspicion about Christine, Deb sets up a meeting with the persistent reporter for an interview for Deb's story but Deb turns the interview on Christine by asking how she got to the murder scene only 20 minutes after it was reported if she lives an hour away. Batista and Deb can't figure out how she's related to Trinity but both agree that she's involved in the shooting. Thanks to Quinn, who reluctantly hands over Christine's toothbrush for some DNA testing, Miami Metro leans that Christine is indeed related to Trinity. And thus, Christine is taken away in cuffs.

"Lost Boys" was a good follow-up to last week's revelations. However, the scenes for the next two episodes of Dexter look even more exciting: Deb will learn more about another one of Harry's informant (Could this be Dexter's mother?) while Arthur will do whatever it takes to get his hands on Dexter.

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